Bicon Dental Implants


The Implant Center

The Implant Center is a part of our practice where patients are provided with the evaluation planning and placement of dental implants using either the Nobel Active or Bicon implant brands. The concept is to take a segment of our office and dedicate knowledgeable staff that will help Dr. Kippax evaluate you. Then we will present you with appropriate implant placement plans in a quiet, comfortable and private atmosphere. The personnel that you meet in the Implant Center will be the same staff that actually places the implants. We are hopeful to provide you with a very personal type of service for this very personal type of procedure. You will be able to call the staff that you meet individually with any questions that you have, at any time regarding your implant services.

We will start with an evaluation and a chance to discuss how implants could be of use to you. Your expectations of what need to happen with the implants, will be evaluated versus the clinical conditions that you have and the appropriateness of the implant placement for you. Appointments that need to be scheduled for this complicated surgery will be discussed openly and freely with you. You will, at all times, have a chance to ask questions, view video tapes for information and you will receive written materials so that you can make your best informed decision about implants. Costs and financing will also be openly discussed and we can provide financing for the implants through the Care Credit and Citibank Medical Credit systems.

Your implant surgery will be fully described to you and will be done in a personal atmosphere in a surgical operating area specifically set up for implants. We strive to control all of the variables of the surgery to make it the most predictable and comfortable, and ultimately most successful experience for you. We also work very closely with your general dentist so that there are no miscommunications regarding your implants.

We also believe in follow up and we’ll be available to you forever evaluation of these implants to discuss any issues that may arise with them through the years to come.

Please call our receptionist and they will set you up with the Implant Center or let you speak with an Implant Center staff member regarding the implants. We are here to help you!