We currently accept assignment on covered services from Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Maine and Northeast Delta.  We no longer accept MaineCare or Medicare insurance. However, private insurance services are provided to our patients in order to make your medical needs more affordable and convenient. We will also submit claims to all commercial insurance companies as a courtesy via our electronic claims filing computer. We will try very hard to work closely with you and your insurance company to assure payment is made properly. However, you are still responsible for your bill and for the actions of your insurance company.

If you receive payment from your insurance company for services provided by this office, please contact our billing department immediately. We expect full payment for any non-covered services at the time of visit. Any unmet deductibles will be required at the time of visit as well. It is the policy of our office that for any work, a financial consultation will be done with our business managers.

These policies have been established to limit the cost of our medical care. The fees charged in this office are comparable to other oral and maxillofacial surgeons in the area. As we are part of the community, we are sensitive to patient complaints regarding medical fees. Our fees are arrived at only after very careful consideration. We would ask as a general rule that the surgeons have an opportunity to examine you and take x-rays prior to quoting estimates. Please do not ask for estimates over the phone before the surgeons have a chance to examine you. We will be happy to make estimates after seeing you.

A monthly statement will be sent to each patient detailing the amounts due by them. If you have any problems or concerns, please contact our accounts managers. They are available to assist you during regular office hours. If your balance is outstanding beyond our guidelines, you will be notified by our accounts managers.